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Autopsy on both boys concluded this morning at the Memorial Gardens in the Le Repentir Cemetery by Dr. Singh. In the case of Joel Henry, he had 18 wounds which were all suspected to be fatal wounds that severed his spine from the back, there were several chops to his head.

The Pathologist also suspected after he got those chops to his head he fell to the ground and is on the ground where the wound severed his spine between the first and second vertebrate was inflicted that was in the case of Joel Henry. There was also evidence that he bit his tongue and also several defensive hands in both hands. Those wounds were 14 inches x 3 inches with 6 inches in depth.

In the case of Isaiah Henry, he had no defensive wounds in his hands, but suffer more wounds to his head which were very deep with his spine being severed in the 2nd and 3rd vertebrate with the measurements of his wounds being 14 inches x 4 and 6 inches in depth. Both Joel and Isaiah Henry spines were severed very high up on the 2nd and 3rd Vertebrate.

The Guyana ledger understands that despite Isaiah not having any defensive wounds it was due to the number of chops he had received to his head.

Nigel Hughes who witness the Autopsy along with the boy’s families said that they have taken video and still pictures which they would be sharing with Pathologist in Canada to either confirm or add to what happened to the teens. Hughes added that Dr. Singh estimates the time of death to be somewhere around 36 hours of the boys being found.


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