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APNU+AFC condemns in the strongest possible terms the killing of 17 year-old Haresh Singh. We call on the Guyana Police Force to leave no stone unturned in bringing his killers to justice without delay. There must be no more loss of life or injury to any Guyanese, be they Afro or Indo-Guyanese or member of any other ethnicity or vulnerable group.

We call on all Guyanese not to harm anyone at any time under any circumstances, particularly when engaged in civil disobedience or any form of protest against any of these recent gruesome killings.

We must strive to be brothers and sisters of one Guyana. We must not turn against or harm our neighbours, villagers or fellow citizens. The APNU+AFC condemns all forms of violence whether by way of provocation or retribution.

These recent incidents bear too much resemblance to the confrontations of the 1960s. This moment requires of us all, the state, the opposition and grieving relatives, an urgent commitment to end the bloodshed. We have a duty not to repeat past mistakes. We need all our young men and women, alive and healthy to help build this great nation. Violence against each other worsens the situation and is not part of the solution or the pursuit of justice.



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