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The opposition said, “Nandlall, in his typical bombastic style attacks everything before even knowing the facts. It is not implausible that the tarnished and discredited Nandlall, is fully aware and frightened that the very petition that he seeks to malign will result in a swift end to the PPP.”

The coalition opposition is positing that remarks made by Attorney General Basil Williams with regards to the recently submitted elections petitions, sends a clear indication that the government is petrified of the contents therein. Nandlall referred to the petition as “laughable”

In a release from the opposition it stated, “Nandlall is fully cognizant of this and his wild reaction is nothing more than an attempt to mask that he is in fact frightened by the inevitable outcome and the consequent eviction of the PPP from government.”

“Remain focused and do not be distracted by the clumsy and contrived attempts to throw sand in people’s eyes as seen in recent arrests, trumped up charges and illegal detention of persons. The facts are incontrovertible and truth shall be established in court.” The opposition said.

The opposition further noted that it eagerly anticipates, “Nandlall will dance and show the same theatrics in court when he is called to give an account for the horrendous illegalities and irregularities that were discovered and witnessed on the East Coast of Demerara.”


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