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“Both of them are still supposed to be in home isolation and at the time when they got their positive test to when Mr. Jones was in Parliament and Mr. Duncan was in Parliament, it is within that time frame. So, both of them have breached the rules that we have.” Health Minister Dr. Frank Anthony said.

The Minister of Health wasted no time in chastising Parliamentarians Christopher Jones and Sherod Duncan who both tested positive for COVID-19. The opposition however issued the statement claiming that both men completed their stipulated time frame of isolation.

“Now, from the information that I’ve now received, they were tested, they were advised that they should stay home for at least 13 days – the first 10 and then the three – once they were asymptomatic that they would then finish their home isolation.” The Health Minister said.

He said that virtual attendance was provided as an option to Parliamentarians.

“This is actually very highly irresponsible of them to come to the Parliament and endanger their colleagues, endanger all of us who were in the dome, all the workers, the Parliamentary staff, everybody. So, this is unacceptable behaviour.” He noted.


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