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The APNU+AFC coalition on Monday morning filed its elections petition at the High Court. Presumptive Leader of the Opposition Joseph Harmon express confidence in the petition, while telling supporters to be vigilant against acts of the People’s Progressive Party Government.

“Today Guyana is hurting, Guyana is wounding, Guyana is crying. And we must wage an unrelenting struggle to heal our ailing country… It marks the official start of the removal of the fraudulent PPP from government.” Harmon stated.

Harmon further noted that under the previous administration, Guyana was heading in a positive trajectory. He reminded supporters of extrajudicial killings and drug empires that occurred under the tenure of the governing party.

“The PPP did not win the elections… We will make life uncomfortable for them. Because they’re fraudulent government must not be allowed to rest… I commit to you that I will lead a young and dynamic team of parliamentarians.” Harmon said.

Leader of the AFC says that the administration wants to provoke racial hostility. He urged supporters to be disciplined and express patience as they await the hearing of the petition. Ramjattan also urged supporters to be vigilant.


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