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The Guyana Elections Commission District Four Returning Officer Clairmont Mingo was on Monday morning slapped with four charges of fraud in relation to the misconduct surrounding the March 2nd General and Regional Elections.

According to Mingo’s Lawyer, Attorney-at-Law Darren Wade, his client was granted $600,000 in bail when he appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates Court. Wade outside the court told reporters that the charges against his client has no basis in law.

“He was also asked to lodge his passport and was also ordered to report every Friday to Mr. Caesar. This was done after there was an objection by a member of the PPP who was represented this morning. They objected based on a statement made by former prime minister Bruce Golding. Utter nonsense!” Wade said.

Wade explained that the objections for Mingo’s pretrial liberty have had weight. Those reasons eventually formed no basis in the decision of the court. Bail was however granted at $150,000 for each charge.

Wade explained that to date, no one has informed him or his client as to who filed charges against him. Meanwhile, Mingo’s three assistants, Sheffern February, Michelle Miller and Carolyn Mikhaik Duncan along with Information Technology (IT) officer Enrique Livan, are also likely to be charged.


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