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Guyana’s Head of State Dr. Irfaan Ali is appalled by the attitude of some sections of society as it pertains to the adherence of COVID-19 guidelines. According to the President, despite global and local figures, it seems that there is a sense of complacency’. He warned against this, adding that it is now a life or death situation.

“This is about saving your own life. So, we have to begin with every Guyanese adhering to the protocol guidelines, if not we will take a longer time to open up… We have to learn to live with COVID, COVID is a serious issue, and I am not satisfied with the way people are following the guidelines and taking the public notices. It is absolutely essential to wear a mask in public.” The President said.

The President’s comments were made during a recent visit to the community of Tiger Bay, where he also pleaded with residents there to wear their masks as a safety precaution against the virus.

President Ali explained that based on his observation, he is not satisfied with the way Guyanese are reacting the measures. He urged citizens to take their health and also that of their family into consideration.


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