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Leader of the Alliance for Change Khemraj Ramjattan is now urging officials of the party and its following to accept the outcome of the March 2 elections, with the aim of mobilizing and building on the lessons of the past.

The former Minister of Public Security during a virtual press conference on Friday said that it is of utmost importance that supporters look ahead, as the AFC and coalition do what it can to get back into office.

“The AFC sees a huge task ahead at the local, regional, central and international level. Its leadership, along with its partnership with APNU, will see these tasks confronted successfully, notwithstanding COVID-19.” Ramjattan said.

Ramjattan spoke extensively on the coalitions campaign. He added that turmoil experienced after March 2 elections, along with all that occurred within the judiciary, has taught the AFC several valuable lessons.

“These lessons will forge a more united AFC, steeling it for the struggle for enhanced electoral and constitutional reforms, governance with increased integrity in all spheres of public activity.” Ramjattan noted.

He added that the AFC condemns of all acts of “executive lawlessness by the PPP Government.” Ramjattan added that when the party heads to Parliament, “Guyana’s patrimony will be enjoyed equally by all.”


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