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The police say that a party of Policemen while on patrol in Georgetown received information that 27 year-old Wayne Castello called “Topcat” of lot 333 East Ruimveldt, was hanging out at a location in East Ruimveldt. Castello is wanted  for the murder of Navindra Samaroo which occurred on 23rd July, 2020, at Middle Road, La Penitence. He is also wanted for a series of robberies.

The authorities said, “As a result of the information received, the ranks proceeded to Genip Lane, East Ruimveldt, where they saw Wayne Castello on the eastern side of a street at Genip Lane, East Ruimveldt who upon seeing them attempted to mount a black motorcycle cycle. The ranks then stopped and disembarked the vehicle when Castello pulled out a  firearm from his pants crotch and discharged several rounds in their direction.”

It was further noted that as a result, the ranks took evasive  action and one rank returned fire hitting  Wayne Castello on his left foot, below his knee, after which he fell to the ground.  He was arrested and and searched and had in his possession one 9 mm pistol with 6 matching rounds.

Wayne Castello was escorted to Georgetown Public Hospital, where he is presently being treated and remains under Police Guard.


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