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police SEARCHING FOR man who threw bag of “weed” over fence.

The authorities in a release say that a policeman, while in his private vehicle, and based upon suspicious activity, traced a white Premio motor car from Patentia Public Road to Vive La Force, West Bank Demerara.

The policeman said that the car came to a halt and a man exited with a bulky shopping bag and headed through a track on the eastern side at the end of the road.  He recounted that the car then drove off.

The Policeman said he followed the suspicious man through the same track, who upon seeing him, threw the bulky shopping bag over an eight feet fence and made good his escape to the sea dam area.

He stated that after jumping the fence, he discovered that the bag contained packages which consisted a quantity of leaves seeds and stems suspected to cannabis.

The Anti Crime Patrol Ranks subsequently arrived at the said area where further checks were made for the suspect but he was not located. Hence the bag with its contents  was escorted to La Grange Police station where same was weighed and amounted to 3274 grams.

The police has since made no arrest.



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