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On Wednesday during an online media press conference, Exxon Guyana country manager Alistair Routledge had belted out a statement saying that “Indeed, if we don’t get the agreement as we are looking for in Payara, the investment money will go elsewhere in ExxonMobil’s portfolio,” 

And “The Guyana portfolio is one of the better opportunities for us in the ExxonMobil portfolio, but it’s not the only one.

But a moment later after the country manager has spoken on the project and the backlashed the company received on what Country manager said, the Oil Giant took to their Facebook page to clarify what was said in his statement the Country manager Alistair Routledge, stated  “that ExxonMobil and our Industries have been facing unprecedented marketing challenges. we are fully committed to Guyana. I have been here for decades despite multiply risk and stated when other companies left and we have and will continue to work closely with the government of Guyana, to develop the countries resources for the long-term benefit of the people of Guyana”.

And “we strive to be transparent and working to progress positive development in the best interest of all stakeholder”

The timely approval of future projects including Payara will ensure the local workforce and the utilization of local suppliers will continue to grow”  

Routledge went on to say that key enablers have been the support from several government departments, agencies, and the people of Guyana. And Exxon is looking forward to continuing to work together to safely and responsibly develop Guyana’s natural resources. 

The development is similar to that of Liza phases 1 and 2, Payara will have up to 45 wells, including production wells, water injection wells, and gas injection wells.

The Payara development plan includes a floating production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) vessel, named Prosperity; it is expected to produce 220,000 barrels per day.


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