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Relative to incident which occurred on Saturday 22nd August 2020 about 14:30hrs on King Street be informed the driver of motor cycle CJ 7532 Levi Taitt of Durban Street appeared at the Georgetown Magistrate Court #7 before his worship Mr. Nurse where the following charges were read to him and pleaded as follows:
(1) Assualt Peace Officer, he pleaded not guilty placed on $25 000 bail

(2) Assualt with Intent to Resist Lawful Apprehension, he pleaded not guilty and placed on $25 000 bail

(3)Unlicensed Driver, he pleaded guilty and fined $ 25 000

(4) Uninsured motor cycle, he pleaded guilty and fined $ 30 000

(5)Fail to carry Front ID mark, Fail to wear Safety Helmet , Obscured ID mark rear, Breach of One way he pleaded Not guilty to these Offences and was placed on self bail.

Matters adjourned to the 26th October 2020



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