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The Biggest Party in Sport is just under 9 days from being bowled off

On Tuesday Michael Hall, CPL’s Tournament Operations Director said everything is in place for a successful and safe tournament for the Players.The Player who started to arrive in the twin Island Republic little over a week placed into a secure Bubble with strict Health Protocols in terms of COVID -19, and with a mandatory 14 Days Quarantine to all Players. The tournament will be played at the two Stadiums one being the Brian Lara Cricket Academy and the Queens Park Savanah with no attendance. The teams all have a 17-man squad in which they will be no replacement for anyone who has been outside the bubble, the Operations Director said he doesn’t foresee 6 players being injured throughout the tournament for a need for replacement.With concern being raised about the player not being able to practice as much, Hall replied by saying that with the consent of the chief medical officer of Trinidad and Tobago the guys did get the opportunity to stretch, they leg from as early as last Friday Night. Within the hotspot, area suggests by health Officials.They are some changes to the tournament this year that is the decision review system known as DRS will not be used in any of the games for now. The ICC Concession Portal will be added which the Tournament has made provision for that. Andre Russel suffers a concession at last year’s tournament in Sabrina Park.The stoppage of play for dangerous conditions which refer to light. Light meters were not a formal part of the CPL tournament but will be introducing that. Hall noted that they are also intuition a system whereby the use of saliva which will result in a penalty against the team who comes into bat. They will be a warning and a final warning whereby the third offense a five penalty runs against the bowling side when they turn to bat.





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