The People’s Progressive Party Civic during its campaign to office had promised to review and in some cases remedy the issues affecting the LGBTQ+. But with only a week in office, the community is hopeful that promises made by the new administration are kept during their tenure in office. Managing Director of the Society Against Sexual Orientation and Discrimination Joel Simpson, in an interview with The Guyana Ledger says government must begin to examine ways address the issue of constitutional reform.Simpson said that in the last two years, SASOD had sought an audience with national assembly with the hope of having the archaic piece of legislation amended. But the December 28 no confidence halted discussions. “I think the thing we are looking forward to most is actually having a functioning parliament so we can really resuscitate our conversation about parliament amending the discrimination act of 1997 to include sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.”The group had met with former Attorney General Basil Williams back in 2018. The group at that time was given permission to draft the amendment.

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