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Granger said PPP will bear responsibility for the consequence of its conduct

In a speech aired on Coalition Facebook Page the former President David Granger addressing several issues that have arisen since the PPP has taken Office in just under a week, Like the removal of officials from state housing with a notice to remove from the premise within 36 hours and Public servants been lockout of their offices.Granger warned the People Progressive Party to stop this pattern of aggression toward officials, Members of society and person perceived to belong to other parties. Granger noted that the PPP will bear responsibility for the consequence of its conduct.The former President said in his statement that the PNC has placed on the record of the Acknowledgement of the lawful consequence of the declaration as announced by the chair of the GECOM and with the respect for the Guyana constitution and the Courts ruling that of the CCJ and Appeal Court.Granger said that the report ordered by the court to be presented to the Commission contains significant anomalies and irregularities. The Former President reiterate that like the PNC and all Guyanese citizens and organizations, are aware that the results of the general and regional elections of the 2nd of march weren’t declared some 22 weeks later on the 2nd of August.The former President said that PNC cannot endorse a flawed report and will continue its campaign to ensure the votes of all Guyanese are accurately recorded, tallied, and reported. The recount process showed the Discrepancies and anomalies which was revealed through the tabulation and observation during the recount. The former President noted that recount was intended to determine the Qualitative and Quantitative character of the votes cast at the regional and general election and to determined the final creditability count.This is one of the former President’s rear appearance since the elections debacle and the first after the declaration of the Results. The date for filing an election petition is still unknown but according to the Constitution of Guyana Twenty-eight days is provide for the petition after the Declaration of the results by the Gecom chair.




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