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Change Guyana Goes Away after 10 Months in the Political Arena

Out of the six new parties that contested in Guyana’s March 2020 elections, Change Guyana said in a statement moments ago that it received the second most votes in the Regional Elections and the third most votes in the General Elections. The party said that the results stand as testimony to its courageous outreach efforts across Guyana and the need for implementation of the socio-economic policies set out in our manifesto.

Just After 10 months of forming change Guyana now has decided to be dissolved. The political party Change Guyana was formed by Pegasus Hotel Proprietor, Robert Badal and Chartered Accountant, Nigel Hinds, earlier said that majority of its leadership has taken the decision to dissolve the party.

“The unique and outstanding contributions made by Change Guyana Party over its 10 months of existence – set out core economic and social policies that speak to the socio-economic needs of Guyana, by outlining policies for massive poverty alleviation, focused job creation, inclusive economic development, restructuring of a burdensome tax system and servant leadership.” The Party stated.




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