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As the streets of Guyana continue to be stained with the blood of those who lost their lives to recklessness on the roadways, the statistics thus far have illustrated that more than 90% of the lives lost were men. The startling figures also outline that more than 30 motorcyclist were killed this year, surpassing that of 2019. Speeding according to the figures continues to be the main contributing factors to the deaths this year. Coordinator of the Guyana Road Safety Council Ramona Doorgen told the Guyana Ledger that it is disheartening to know that the figures this year has already surpassed that of last year. This she is said is troubling. 95 persons were killed so far for this year. Doorgen, “It is really troubling to see that no matter how many times we caution people, beg them to do right on the roads, we see figures like these and it gives the indication that people no longer care. We need to do better as a people if we want to save lives.” She added, “All it takes is one person to do good and the others will follow. People risk their lives and the lives of others when they speed and this shouldn’t be. We have to do better and I want to implore drivers to be cautious and observe the 5C’s of the road.”




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